Inner Healers

The human being experiences two basic emotions: love and fear, from which all others derive. Disease results from the excess of fear in the body held as thought patterns associated with emotions like criticism, anger, resentment and guilt. Disease plays a positive role in life: it allows our organism to adapt to every experience we choose, both consciously and unconsciously.

Based on this visionary understanding, our Founder and CEO Luciana Stiglich, developed a therapeutic approach called Inner Healers, whose methodology understands the human being as an integral and unique being in need of disease as an adaptive response to its environment. According to this methodology, rather than forcing the body to change, Luciana focuses on the cause for each symptom, aaccompanying each person during their natural process of adaptation while activating their own resources and re-directing their own capacity for self-regeneration, promoting in this way their wellness from within.

As within, so without –she reminds us, meaning every difficulty, every problem, tells us something about ourselves; when these are not solved in the mind, when emotions are not transformed into feelings, the body gets sick: so a business problem, a family problem, a couple problem needs to be understood and integrated in order to heal.

According to the Inner Healers method, each person has 6 dimensions: existential, mental, emotional, physical, social and environmental; when these are adequately aligned the person can live a healthy, happy life.

Our work is:

* Therapeutic – includes individual and group consultations which consider an initial interview, evaluation sessions, diagnosis, treatment and ecological monitoring.

* Integral – considers the human being results from the interaction between the physical, mental emotional and existential inner aspects with the social and environmental outer aspects of the Self, approaching each person integrally.

* Organic ­– every human being is constantly changing so our work adapts to each change that occurs during the process.

* Natural – stimulates the body’s own wisdom promoting change from within.

This method has been successfully applied in people, their families and businesses for the past 9 years.

You too can heal from within, you are an Inner Healer.